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What is Cosmetology?

Cosmetology is the study of beauty treatments. It encompasses a wide range of specializations for hair care and removal, nail care, skin care, spa services, makeup and cosmetics

Cosmetologist help their clients look their best gain confidence.

Who Should Pursue A Career In Cosmetology?

Education and training in cosmetology is suited for people who are interested to enter the beauty industry either as working professional or as business owners of salons and spa. Creative people who have a natural inclination for art and fashion will do better in this line. As you will be required to deal with customers regularly, good communication skills and people skills will be essential.

Educational Requirements

Many states require a cosmetologist to complete training and get a licence before you can start working. The curriculum typically has coursework for cutting, trimming and styling hair, nail polishing and shaping, pedicure and manicure.   You will also learn about customer service, safety while handling chemicals and how to manage you career and possibly a business.

There are various levels of degrees available  in cosmetology, right from associates degree to masters degree. An associate degree is sufficient to get your career started and a masters degree is more for the academically inclined. There are some options to complete some of the coursework online but in most instances you will be attending a program in person and gets hand on practice as part of your training.

To be successful as a cosmetologist you will have to focus not only on your coursework but also your skills, experience and customer service.


In order to pursue a career in cosmetology, you will have to fulfill the states liceinsure requirements, which vary from state to state. Typically you will be required to complete training from a licensed cosmetology school program for the set minimum number of hours and pass a licensure exam. When signing up for any training please check that the program is approved and will help you complete your licencing requirements.

Careers in Cosmetology

Cosmetologists have various career paths to choose from:

Product Sales Representative
Beauty Magazine Writer
Salon Manager

Work Environment

A cosmetologist ca find employment various different establishments such as a salon, spa, beauty clinic or may deliver services at a clients residences.

The work hours may vary depending on the location and type of services provided. Working till late in the evening to cater to office going crowd is common on weekdays. Working on weekends is also common.

Many cosmetologists work part-time or on flexible schedules.

Job Growth

As the population continues to grow along with general increase in demand for skincare and hair care services, the demand for cosmetologist and related fields will continue to increase.

While it is not difficult to find a job as a cosmetologist, it may be difficult to find a job at a good (high paying) salon as these are limited and often demand high level of experience and skills. There is also fierce conception for such opening.

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