Auto Mechanic Schools

If you want to become an auto mechanic, an auto mechanic schools is something you will likely have to attend.

Many institutions offer programs for auto mechanics such as high schools, vocational schools, private training centers and community colleges.

While no degree is required to become an auto mechanic, the training and certification is almost always required by Car dealerships, body shops and auto repair companies.

During the course of training, you can expect to learn proper skills to identify issues and perform repairs in a safe manner.

Auto Mechanic Curriculum

A typical auto mechanic / technician curriculum will prepare you by covering all the basic of the workshop, diagnosing and servicing the engine, power training, chassis system and electrical components.

Automotive Workshop Basics: You will learn about safety precautions, measuring tools, fasteners, sealants and cleaning liquids, automotive hand tools, workshop tools. These basis will ensure you can find your way around in the workshop, be safe and effectively use the tools and chemicals.

Diagnosing and Servicing the Engine: In this section you learn how to perform maintenance, diagnose and service the various components of an engine such as fuel systems, lubrication systems, cooling systems, ignition systems and exhaust systems.

Service of Power Train: Learn about the power train and how to diagnose and service the various components such as clutch systems, transmission and transaxles, propeller shaft, differentials and axles.

Servicing Chassis Systems: Learn about the Chassis systems and how to diagnose and repair the suspension systems, steering systems and brake systems.

Servicing Automotive Electrical: Learn about the various electrical systems, perform maintenance, diagnose and repair components such as battery, self starter, charging systems and other electrical components

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