Highest Acceptance Rate Colleges & Universities in USA

What is Acceptance Rate?

Acceptance rate is calculated a ratio of number of applicants accepted and number of application received. A low acceptance rate signifies that the institution extends admission only to a small number of applicants compared to the applications received and a high acceptance rate signifies that the institution extends admission to a large number of applicants compared to the applications received.

A common misconception is that a college with high acceptance rate is a safe bet and will be easy to get into. This may not be the case.

Acceptance rate in isolation is not a good measure of the academic standards of the institution. It does not necessarily signify that the college or the university is good or bad.

So a high acceptance rate does not imply that an institution is not a good school academically or that it is easier to get into the school.

Several factors may cause an institution to have a high acceptance rate. Some of the factors are:

– They largely receive well qualified applicants, resulting in low rejection rates.
– They have hurdles for applications which deter applicants who are not qualified such high application fees, complicated application, strict cutoff for scores posted on site, unfavorable location, etc.
– They require certain prerequisites such as certificates, diploma, degree, test scores which reduces the applicant pool.
– They have high tuition, lack of scholarships and grants making it un-affordable for many applicants.

We have only included institutions which accept 50% of more of the applicants.

Highest Acceptance Rate Colleges & Universities

Across the United States, these are the top 5 colleges with the highest acceptance rates.

RankCollegeLocationPercent Admitted
1Harding UniversitySearcy, Arkansas99%
2Gainesville State CollegeOakwood, Georgia99%
3Lewis Clark State CollegeLewiston, Idaho99%
4Benedictine CollegeAtchison, Kansas99%
5Bethany CollegeLindsborg, Kansas99%

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