List of Colleges and Universities in Alaska

List of colleges and universities in Alaska.


State institutions

Two-year institutions

Ilisagvik College: Ilisagvik College was established in 1996. Pearl Kiyawn Nageak Brower is the current president of the university.Visit Site

Kodiak College: Kodiak College was established in 1968. During the winter semester in 2014, there were 914 students enrolled and approximately 100 courses are offered each semester.Visit Site

Kenai Peninsula College: Kenai Peninsula College was established in 1964. It is a unit of the University of Alaska Anchorage with 4 locations on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula and Anchorage.Visit Site

Matanuska Susitna College: Matanuska Susitna College was established in 1958 as Palmer Community College, changing its name in 1963 to correspond to the Matanuska-Susitna. It has more than 1000 students enrolled.Visit Site

Prince William Sound College: Prince William Sound College was established in 1978 by Dr. John Devens. Dan O’Connor is the current president of the university. It has over 1000 students enrolled.Visit Site

Four-year institutions

University of Alaska Anchorage: University of Alaska Anchorage was founded in 1954. the university has more than 20,000 enrolled students. The chancellor of the university is Tom Case. The university mascot is Seawolf.Visit Site

University of Alaska Fairbanks: University of Alaska Fairbanks was established in 1917. The university ahs more than 10,000 students on its rolls. The chancellor of the university is Mike Powers. The university mascot is Nanook.Visit Site

University of Alaska Southeast: University of Alaska Southeast was established in 1987. The university has about 3,500 students and an acceptance rate of about 58.2%. The chancellor of the university is Rick Caulfield. The university mascot is Spike the Humpback Whale.Visit Site

Private institutions

Two-year institutions

Charter College: Charter College was founded by Doctor Milton Byrd in 1985. The president of the college is Brenda Young.Visit Site

Four-year institutions

Alaska Bible College: Alaska Bible College was founded by missionary Vincent James Joy in 1986. The college has 51 students. The president of the college is David Ley.Visit Site

Alaska Pacific University: Alaska Pacific University was established in 1957. The university has about 700 enrolled students with an acceptance rate of about 33%. the president of the university is Don Bantz. The mascot of the university is the Moose.Visit Site

Graduate institutions

Saint Herman’s Orthodox Theological Seminary: Saint Herman’s Orthodox Theological Seminary was founded in 1972. The seminary has about 11 students. Archpriest Chad Hatfield is the chancellor of the seminary.Visit Site

Please let us know if we have missed any college and we will add it to the list.

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